Best Facial Services in Al Barsha Dubai


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Getting a best facial services in miracle garden with a true treat for the senses and the perfect antidote when you just need some time to yourself. You are in the right hands If you want to treat skin problems, or if you’re having an event that requires beautiful makeup. We treat each of our customers according to their unique skin type to ensure optimum anti-aging benefits at our Kuts & Curls salon in Dubai. Our skilled skin care specialists ensure that you leave feeling refreshed and, more importantly, that your skin feels and looks rejuvenated, energized and youthful while using a range of products and unique techniques. Best Facial Services in Al Barsha
Facials are recommended for skin revival, sun harm, skin inflammation, rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis and provocative conditions, wound healing and scarring as well as anyone looking to restore skin’s radiance. Preventative treatments, such as non-invasive electric microcurrents, are included in our facials. Book Now 

Derma Hydra Facial

Express Cleansing Facial Shoulder Massage

Anti aging Facial with Shoulder Massage

Whitening Facial

Whitening Face Bleach

Best Facial Services in Miracle Garden

Skin Polish

Normal Mask

Best Hair Care Salon in Al Barsha

Casmara Mask

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Hair Cut

Your hair holds a distinct power that can make or break

Hair Styling

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Hair Color

Our expert colorists at Kuts & Kurls advise you the most suitable colours

Nails Extension

Like we always say that great nails don’t happen by chance.

Hair Removal

Threading is an essential and very conventional

Lashes & Brows

Short and stubby eyelashes are not anymore because

Hair Care

Forget about all your hair fall worries when Kuts & Curls

Mani & Pedi

Our experts offer bespoke manicures and pedicures

Gel Polish

Kuts & Curls offers a wide range of nail services,